We Aim to Change Lives by Helping The Less Fortunate.
Being a charity we depend on your help to make this a reality.
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Our Vision

We are building a shelter where the homeless can overnight in comfort and dignity and of which Hermanus can be proud.

The Goal

Engage in the social rehabilitation of the destitute and homeless by creating a network of support structures through the promotion of community awareness & involvement.

Who's Helping

Hermanus businesses have stepped up to the plate to achieve lasting success. The local media are involved to bring promising & exciting initiatives that involve the broader community.
"It takes generosity to discover the whole through others. If you realize you are only a violin, you can open yourself up to the world by playing your role in the concert."

Jacques-Yves Cousteau
"You can't live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you."

Debbie Macomber
Some 9 years ago, a group of concerned citizens identified the need for a shelter for the homeless of Hermanus. Thus began a journey which, 7 years later, has seen the HNSA purchase a property in Mount Pleasant, Hermanus adjacent to the local Child Welfare office.

In all of this time, a temporary shelter was erected which strained the resources of those involved but taught many lessons for any permanently successful shelter. This temporary situation was predicated by the death of a homeless man at the entrance of the Hermanus Times some 4 years ago and since then, to the best of our knowledge, some 6 people have died in their homeless state.

Sadly, after the closure of the temporary shelter in 2014, 2 of these people died in the winter of that year.

Kindness personified in 30 people who ensured a hot meal for the homeless every night of the month. We managed to employ 2 supervisors and housed up to 12 people nightly. The municipality decided for various reasons not to renew the HNSA’s lease in 2015. Not willing to accept defeat, in 2015 we managed to negotiate the purchase of a stand in Mount Pleasant and this was finally paid from a magnificent gesture by the Lighthouse2Lighthouse ladies who sponsored HNSA in 2015.

Now, with a plot and a plan, we are re-invigorating the Hermanus community to build a permanent, modern facility and begin to care for the homeless professionally and with dignity.

Indeed, the journey continues……..
Homeless getting some help
The HNSA has structured itself for success. Key portfolios, some of which still need to be resourced, have been formed and the chairpersons of these portfolios will serve on the HNSA Steering committee. This structure makes business sense of a community-based, non-profit project and provides participants and sponsors alike the assurance that funds will be effectively deployed.

Exciting initiatives, in which the broder community can participate in the fun and excitement, are underway:
  • Regular promotion is ongoing
  • A SMS challenge to residents in Hermanus
  • A R30 Buy-A-Brick campaign has been established
  • And , post-September, a Shelter B&B campaign is being planned with Hermanus's B&B's.
The target is simple: R2.1 million by end 2016 so that the Homeless Shelter construction can commence in January for completion by Winter 2017. A big vision calls for big goals. Community benefit is also at the core of the shelter as the facility becomes available during the day for all kinds of uplifting initiatives.

Communication with the community will engender confidence and trust and initiatives are underway to meet with leaders. Finally, the first of a series of Open Meetings wasl held in July 2016. So many ideas abound and willing hands are always needed to fulfil all that is planned.

Our appreciation to the following for monetary donations, services rendered, bedding, tinned food and freezing equipment:

BADISA, Hermanus Law Enforcement, Armoed en Sorgbediening, NG Kerk Hermanus, Lighthouse Ladies, Izibusiso, Volunteer meal makers, Individual donors, Marine Hotel, Hermanus Toyota, SANSA, United Church, Hermanus Zoete Inval, Travellers’ Lodge, Talk 2 Printing & Business Communication, Joan St Leger Lindbergh Charitable Trust
Meet The Commitee
Les Abbott
Ray Hartmann Trustee/Treasurer
Thys Sutherland
Steering Committee
Sharon Wicht      Secretary
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